Praia dos Alemães - Albufeira

Praia dos Alemães beach, located in Albufeira, Portugal, is easily accessible from the city center by stairs or ramps. Located east of Praia do Inatel, this beach offers a more natural and less urbanized environment compared to the adjacent beaches.

Praia dos Alemães has excellent support facilities and is accessible by an asphalt road that crosses the interior of Albufeira (direction Inatel or Forte de São João).

Praia dos Alemães, located in Albufeira, a renowned tourist city in the Algarve in Portugal, is a true symbol of the region's beaches. With its calm and crystalline waters and its golden sands, this beach enchants and invites to moments of leisure and relaxation.

The name of the beach derives from an old German fish canning factory that existed on the site. The factory building was transformed into a hotel, and today the beach is a favorite destination for British and Dutch tourists. However, it is never as crowded as the neighboring beaches.

The sea water and sand are very clean, which is why Praia dos Alemães receives the Blue Flag. During the summer the sea is usually calm, but at other times of the year there can be strong waves and currents. During the bathing season, lifeguards are on standby, but it is important to be alert because of the submerged rocks. The sand can get very hot under the strong summer sun, so avoid walking barefoot and use the walkway for walking.

Sometimes an inflatable water park is set up for children, and it is also possible to rent pedal boats (seagulls), as well as umbrellas and sun loungers. The beach has two restaurants that remain open most of the year, offering light meals, drinks, and full meals.

In addition, the beach has wheelchair access. At the eastern end, a natural pool often forms, and it is possible to walk along the top of the cliffs to reach the beaches that are located further east.